Plumbers In Prospect

Prospect lies about 5km north of the Adelaide City Centre and has a population count of over 20,000 residents, making it a very popular and attractive suburb in which to reside.

The surrounding suburbs include Regency Park, Dudley Park, Devon Park, Ovingham, Kilburn, Blair Athol, Fitzroy, Enfield, Nailsworth and Medindie.

Prospect is home to some beautiful parks and gardens such as Memorial Gardens, Barker Garden, Dean Street Park, Percy Street Park, Bradford Park and Saint Helens Park and there is an abundance of cafes, restaurants and small boutique shops on Prospect Road.

The housing styles in the area consists of attractive 1920’s and 1930’s bungalows, Victorian era houses and some grand old mansions situated on large blocks. The streets are wide and lined with mainly White Cedar trees, providing a stunning, picturesque landscape.

A common plumbing issue that is known to arise in the Prospect area is blocked, leaking or damaged pipes. White Cedar trees have been known to pose a high risk in regards to tree roots infiltrating pipework and growing to a large mass, eventually blocking or damaging pipes. Any variety of tree can damage or block your pipes, if planted too close to underground pipes as their root systems are known to grow to one and a half times the size of the trees branches.

Also many of the homes in the Prospect area are set on clay soil. Clay soil can cause foundation problems to your home as the soil expands and contracts. Clay soils are also known to be one of the most corrosive soils in regards to pipework. If your home has pipes that are already deteriorating with age, the corrosive properties of clay soil can increase the deterioration and you will soon notice leaking and blockages due to the damage caused.

If you live in Prospect or the surrounding areas and notice a blocked, leaking or burst pipe in your home or office you will need to employ the services of a fully qualified, insured plumber – and there is no one better to call than the team from Plumber Prospect

At Plumber Prospect we are the experts in pipe repairs, replacements, relocations, extensions or new installations. We are local to the Prospect area meaning that we understand common plumbing issues and their best resolves in the vicinity whilst being up to date on all local Council plumbing rules and regulations. We will have your pipes back in perfect functioning order with minimal downtime or fuss to you.

Our master plumbers are also highly skilled in all plumbing and gas fitting aspects. We supply, install, repair or replace hot water heaters – solar, heat pump, gas or electric. We install gas appliances and test for gas leaks and provide gas leak repairs. For any plumbing or gas fitting requirement in the Prospect area call the professionals from Plumber Prospect today on 1300 164 064.

At Plumber Prospect we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all public holidays. We never leave our customers waiting and guarantee a same day service; we can even be knocking on your door within an hour in the case of an emergency.

Plumber Prospect – there for you whenever you need us. Call today for a quality service that you can trust first time, every time on 1300 164 064.